Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After seeing the previous post, I thought my bow needed a little something else, so here's the revised burlap wreath.

I also added a new burlap Christmas wreath that my mom already wants.  I found this cute owl to really dress it up.

I've also been working on these College wreaths.  I found these rolls of Deco Mesh at a great floral supply shop in Macon, GA.  I thought it would be great for a couple of my favorite SEC teams.  

GO DAWGS!!!--Just saying!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Here are a few more that I've done for a friend.  It seems that everyone really loves the bright green and red.  I don't blame them, they really pop out and I'm not sure if the pictures really show that.

I've also been working on these burlap wreaths.  I really love this ribbon and I am working on showing it in the best possible way.  The multiple loop bows won't really show the trim.  Here's what I have.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A couple of my friends asked me to do two smaller wreaths instead of the one wreath for their door since they have double doors as an entry.  Here are my first two I completed today.  They are already promised to someone, but I wanted to show that I can do any 18" wreath as a double.  Unfortunately, it doesn't go down significantly in price, but I will give a discount when customers are buying two.

A little more on the detail.  I found this pick at Michael's this week and love the effect.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last of the Fall Craft Show Wreaths!  I've been trying to finish these up so I can concentrate only on the Christmas.  It's been difficult keeping the glitter out of the moss.  The first wreath is using a moss sheet over a  24" straw wreath attaching it with green wire.  I added the pumpkins and the burlap hanging bow (after many attempts to getting it to look this way).

The "Spooky" pumpkin wreath is also using a 24" straw wreath base.  I added the whitish/gray reindeer moss attaching it with (a lot!) of wire.  I used a narrower burlap ribbon, but liked the black with the gray moss and white pumpkins.

I know the background is distracting, but I wanted to get the best light for the picture.