Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's Fall Y'all.....well, almost.

Check out some of my new wreaths for Fall.
This is a repeat of my scroll burlap wreath with an orange bow.  You will be seeing this wreath again for Christmas! 

I really love working with the orange burlap for Fall.

My Basic Burlap Wreath dressed for Fall.

A Papery Deco Mesh wreath that mixes well the Fall Textures.  The material on the bow is really rich looking!

I love to mix high quality ribbons with the burlap.  This bow is made with a great glittery pumpkin ribbon.


  1. I love burlap. love Fall and love all your creations!!!
    Hugs from Italy.

    1. Thank you Morena! I'm so glad you like them. Look for Christmas ones coming out soon. My husband and I visited Italy for the first time this summer, loved it!