Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last of the Fall Craft Show Wreaths!  I've been trying to finish these up so I can concentrate only on the Christmas.  It's been difficult keeping the glitter out of the moss.  The first wreath is using a moss sheet over a  24" straw wreath attaching it with green wire.  I added the pumpkins and the burlap hanging bow (after many attempts to getting it to look this way).

The "Spooky" pumpkin wreath is also using a 24" straw wreath base.  I added the whitish/gray reindeer moss attaching it with (a lot!) of wire.  I used a narrower burlap ribbon, but liked the black with the gray moss and white pumpkins.

I know the background is distracting, but I wanted to get the best light for the picture.  

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