Thursday, November 13, 2014

New, and only from Created Twists...Burlap Tree Crowns for Christmas!

So far I haven't seen anyone with one of these, so mark the date as my introduction of the 
Burlap Christmas Tree Crown!

I sold a few of these at last week's craft show and the interest was very good, so I'm officially offering it to the public. 

A great way to add a ribbon to the top of your tree and interest all around the tree.  It can be decorated with holly sprigs, tree sprigs, acorns, pine cones...or with nothing but burlap ribbon and a bow.  No more needing to create a new bow for the top of your tree, just place the tree crown on the top of your tree!

This is not just a wreath placed on top of the tree.  I have woven the burlap around a smaller frame so that the bulk of the burlap loops are on the outside of the frame.  

See how much fuller the side view is for the tree crown on the right.

They are not made to be viewed as a wreath, but from below looking up into the tree.

These are pictures of two of my tree crowns, look for more to come! I love them and hope you will too!  Contact me at for more information.  

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