Monday, February 24, 2014


I have had a difficult time so far getting to work on new wreaths. With my daughter's wedding, I have a feeling it might be like this through October.  I've been excited to put together some of the materials that I bought at the Americas Mart in January.  I'm trying some new ideas, but you'll be seeing some of the more popular wreaths from last year too.  Here's what I have today.  I hope to have more by this weekend.  I haven't posted these on Etsy yet as I am still working on the pricing, but they should be up soon.

This one you've seen before, but I added a new Spring Color.  Love it with the Pink. 

I did one of these last year and loved it so much I wanted to make it again this year.


Here's one of the newer wreaths I am working with.  I love the the natural materials and this is a 16" moss wreath. I'm still working with the right size of bows since this is a much smaller wreath than usual, but love the carrots with the orange polka dot bow for Easter.

I found these Peonies and had to use them in a wreath.  My first idea of a bow did not work, but had this chartreuse raw silk ribbon left over from Christmas and loved the way it contrasts with the pale yellow flowers.  This one is on my door right now and I love it!


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