Friday, September 14, 2012

Determine your shipping costs.

I sold a wreath two days ago on Etsy! Yay!! Before I listed my wreaths on Etsy, I went to the FedEx office and brought a wreath with me to determine what I would charge for shipping.  We weighed it and determined what it would cost to ship it to most places in the United States.  

I will say that I have been within about $3 of that cost for every shipment.  My only mistake was when I went to buy my boxes from Uline, I didn't consider the height of the box and an extra two inches added a lot of expense to the shipping (much more than I had estimated).  Luckily the FedEx office offered to break the box down a couple of inches and was able to get the shipping price close to my estimation. The next time I ordered my boxes, I made sure they were two inches shorter, which I can do since my wreaths can be crushed a little.

Remember that your shipping costs are not only the shipment, but the box, ordering and shipping cost of your shipping materials, enclosed statements and your time and gas to ship. 

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