Saturday, August 18, 2012

My daughter had gluten issues all summer, so I could not do my normal baking.  Our church's bake sale gave me the perfect opportunity to create my favorite summer treats. I adjusted the watermelon cookies recipe slightly, but here's a link for directions on making them. They were really cute in the packaging I found at HomeGoods.  

I also make these Coconut Lime cookies that were wonderful! Check them out and this link for the recipe.


I also love making these Sunflower cupcakes!


My daughter said they looked like mini-cupcakes, but they were just smaller than usual.  I don't know how they all did at the bake sale, but I was glad to get some baking out of my system!  Here's the instructions for the sunflower cupcakes.  It also works great for poinsettia cupcakes at Christmas too.
Click here.

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